Required Program Activities

MD/PhD monthly seminar/lunch event - with visiting scientist, invited faculty member

  • Occurs every third Thursday of each month, mark your calendar!
  • You will be excused from only one monthly meeting per year; you must notify the office prior.
  • M3 and M4 students should contact the office to notify your absent due to clinic requirement.

* You are expected to attend and if you don’t attend without notifying the office you will be charged for your portion of the meal.

Work-in-progress presentation at the CTS Seminar, these seminars are important for students at all stages of their training, and attendance is expected when an MD/PhD program student is presenting 

Annual AOA and MD/PhD Research Day

  • Attending the invited speaker seminar,
  • Presenting at the poster session,
  • Attending dinner with the speaker 

MD/PhD Student Graduation Dinner

  • Group dinner to honor the graduating students

Annual Program Retreat

  • Mandatory attendance for all students
  • Any student unable to attend must notify the Director 30 days prior for program approval.

All students are required to participate in recruitment interview days and whenever necessary request to do so.

  • Attendance at recruitment lunches and dinners and other social events during the year is requested but not required.

Students are also encouraged to attend the monthly Dean’s Distinguished Lecture Series, which generally occurs the first Thursday of the month.

 Students must attend thesis defenses of other MD/PhD students,

  • As a learning experience and as a courtesy to their colleagues. Exceptions will be made for students on clinical rotations or with scheduling conflicts with required classes.

 Students are required to publish two manuscripts of original work and submit a grant application on their research for extramural funding.

Annual Meeting with the Directors

  • Annually, the Director of the MD-PhD Program will meet with each individual MD/ PhD student, to review student progress, provide advice, evaluate future plans, and solicit feedback on the program. Each student should provide the MD-PhD Office with an enrollment plan outlining their future progress to complete both degrees.

** If you RSVP to attend any MD/PhD event and you choose not to attend without notifying the office you will be charged for your portion of the meal, room or registration cost.