Student Spotlight: Evan Lynch

Congratulations to Evan Lynch for recieving the CCTS TL1 Predoctoral Training Program Fellowship for his project titled:

"The role of Axin2+ colon stem cells in ulcer healing:"

In ulcerating illnesses of the intestinal tract, mucosal healing has been identified as the most reliable predictor of long-term clinical outcomes. Unfortunately, aside from biologics reserved for clinically severe patients, the current standard of care, high dose prednisone, is insufficient for most patients as 65% have a recurrence of symptoms upon initiation of a steroid taper. Our lab hypothesizes that poor mucosal healing is the culprit. We have begun investigating a novel population of stem cells that express a Wnt target gene Axin2 as a reporter. These cells have been shown to sit adjacent to ulcerated surfaces and have been suggested to play a major role in initiating the healing cascade. We have preliminary data to suggest that corticosteroids have a negative impact on the activation of these cells, but the exact mechanism remains to be elucidated. Using transgenic mouse models and human tissue samples, I will specifically interrogate the suppression of ulcer healing by corticosteroids. Our goal is to better understand the activation of this novel population of stem cells in the hopes to develop new treatment paradigms to accelerate healing and improve quality of life in these individuals.

About the TL1

The CCTS TL1 Predoctoral Training Program provides junior trainees with the skills required to develop a career in multidisciplinary clinical and translational research. The program uses a team-science approach and provides mentoring and didactic training for predoctoral students performing clinical and/or translational research in health-related fields. TL1 trainees will initially receive one year of funding, including a stipend and a $1,000 travel allowance to attend and/or present research at one conference. A second year of funding may be awarded based on performance and progress.

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